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The Ripollès is a land of farmers and good food. We prepare with dedication and love each product that identifies our territory so that they arrive directly to your tables. The products that are part of the certification mark are rooted in our nature mountain are the result of a firm commitment to work in the territory and maintain our identity. We are increasingly producers who opt for organic production and care of our environment. So we identify with the certification of the Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production (CCPA).

Herds of cows, mares, sheep and goats grazing natural areas of our towns. Made craftsmen with the best quality meat to butchers and bakeries in the area. Potatoes rooted in a long tradition and way of working the land. Milk and dairy products with flavors. Coca Ripollès designed and made by the sweetest moments in our bakeries. All in all, a pantry and feelings of unique products that touches your heart.

Discover the magic of our land and savor it!

"All within reach
of your hands!"

Veal form Ripollès
Mountain Foal from Ripolles
Goat from Ripollès
Lamb from Ripollès
Trumfa from Camprodon valley
Cold Meat and sausages made with pigs from Ripollès
Milk and dairy products from Ripolles
cake from Ripolles
Beer from Ripollès
Honey of the Ripollès
Pig from Ripollès
Aromatic plants, herbal tee's and cooking condiments
Eggs from Ripollès
Vegetable gardens and soft fruit
Jams from Ripollès
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