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Pastisseria Sant Jaume

Pastry Sant Jaume is known in Ribes de Freser as Can Ton del Forn. For 130 years and five generations we have made our products in a traditional way and cooked in a wood-fired oven: Ribes Met, egg cakes, cakes, pasqua's cake, Saint John's cakes, panellets and nougat. Also salty pastries, chocolates, gift items and of course bread.
Letter of Master Craftsman Pastry since 1999. Associates to the pastry guild of Gerona and the guild of Bakers of Gerona.
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Pastisseria Sant Jaume
Pastisseria Sant Jaume
c. Major, 15
Telèfon 972727008
Pastisseria Sant Jaume 1

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Cal Marcel·lí av. Pius XII, 9. Vic coca del Ripollès Sant Jaume 938853856 Altres
Pastisseria Sant Jaume c. Major, 15 coca del Ripollès, mel Vall de Ribes 972727008 Ribes de Freser
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Aquesta actuació forma part del projecte "Treball a les 7 comarques" i està subvencionada pel Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya i cofinançada pel Fons Social Europeu