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Mas Can Boixerol

Can Boixerol is a farm located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Its familiary kind, rooted in the traditions of territory, a fact that encourages the continuity of pastor figure and transhumance.

The farm is formed by a flock of sheep and goats. Transhumance is seasonal, very typical of Pyrenean territory, during the winter they graze in the valley and at summer they move to high areas of mountain searching of best pastures.

He's a member of the National Association of Ripollesa Breeders (ANCRI).
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Mas Can Boixerol
Martí Millastre Marcer
Mas Can Boixerol
605 10 06 81
Mas Can Boixerol 1

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Carnisseria Colom pl. Doctor Robert, 17 xai i cabrit Can Boixerol, ous ca la Xica 972740158 Camprodon

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Restaurant la Piazzetta - Hostal del Ripollès pl. Nova, 11 vedella Rosset i Pirinat, làctics Mas Lladré, xai Can Boixerol i Planallonga 972700215 Ripoll
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