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About us

We are professional producers and processors that we grouped us through different associations to found the brand which identifies us. We want you to know our work in a direct way and to confidence about the work we do every day to be able to offer them a great variety of products.

We work at Ripollès because it is our land, we love it and we want it to continue full of reasons to live and live it. We maintain the historical legacy of our ancestors taking care of fields; the livestock and traditions at the moment of make the alimentary products. At the same time we look at future and we have next generations in mind so that they can enjoy a well-kept territory and healthy foods.

You’ll meet us at farms,
Fields and workshop from Ripollès
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Aquesta actuació forma part del projecte "Treball a les 7 comarques" i està subvencionada pel Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya i cofinançada pel Fons Social Europeu