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Cal Titet de Serrat

Cal Titet is an old family farm. It’s located in Serrat, in municipality of Queralbs and also in Can Nadal de Ribes Altes in municipality of Ribes de Freser.

The natural environment in which we find ourselves facilitates the breeding in a natural, sustainable and integrated way with the environment. This is why we have a long agricultural and livestock tradition in breeding and fattening bovine cattle mainly of the Pyrenean Bruna breed, sheep of Ripollesa breed and equine of Catalan Pyrenean horse breed.

The breeding techniques are completely respectful of the average environment, and with the animal of well-being, for this reason, during the summer season the cattle feeds on the grass of the pasture from Vall de Núria and the Balandrau area. During the winter season they feed on the farm grass of the farm and the organic fodder and ecologic cereals.

All production process is subject to rigorous controls by the Catalan Council for Ecologic Agricultural Production (CCPAE).

We are part of the Cattlemen Association of Ripollès, the Bruna Breed Federation of the Pyrenees and the Mares Breeders Association of Ripollès Mountain.

Since 1975 we have the family shop "Ca l'Estrada" in Ribes de Freser where we sell our own meat and sausages that we elaborate in an artisan way.

As a complement to the traditional exploitation of livestock, we have agrotourism establishments in the form of the independent village house "La Cabaña de Cal Forn and Cal Janet de Serrat".
beef, foal

Cal Titet de Serrat
Albert Auquer Pujals
Cal Titet de Serrat
Telèfon 972727083 / 650265630
Cal Titet de Serrat 1

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Embotits i carns ca l'Estrada c. Balandrau, 23 vedella, poltre de muntanya, xai i cabrit Cal Titet, Llastanosa i Picola, làctics Mas el Lladré i Ca l'Esteve 972727083 Ribes de Freser
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