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Butchery and charcutery Constans is located in covered market of Ripoll. It is a family business. The covered market and butchery opened in July 1987.
Our philosophy is, and has always been, to buy products from the region. We always try to buy cattle from Ripolles, which some of them are part of Ripolles Product.
We have a prepared room where we split the veal and pork.
In addition we have a workroom where we elaborate sausages with pork of Ripolles and the "llangonisseta" of Ripolles, without additives, preservatives, or dyes. In this way we conservate the flavor of meat. We also make sausages, hamburgers, loins ...
We sell all kinds of meats such as: chicken, rabbit, turkey, colt ... and a wide variety of sausages, cheeses, hams, cold meat ... cold meat are high quality, but aren't make it they own.
cold meat, llangonisseta

Carnisseria i xarcuteria Constans
pl. Josep Tarradelles, s/n - Mercat Cobert
Telèfon: 620665128
Constans 1

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Carnisseria - xarcuteria Constans pl. de Josep Tarradellas, s/n - Mercat Cobert llangonisseta Constans, porc Rodonella, vedella i xai Serrat de la Teia 620665128 Ripoll

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Braseria el Molí pl. Sant Eudald, 4 llangonisseta Constans, làctics Mas Lladré, vedella Pirinat, cervesa artesana Minera 972703206 Ripoll
Easy Rider Carrer de Berenguer el Vell, 3, 17500 Ripoll Porc, llangonisseta i xai Constans, coca del Ripollès Ca la Carme 692 81 53 71 Ripoll
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Ripollès Desenvolupament
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Aquesta actuació forma part del projecte "Treball a les 7 comarques" i està subvencionada pel Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya i cofinançada pel Fons Social Europeu