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Carnisseria i Xarcuteria el Pont

The butchery El Pont de Camprodon is opened since August 2014. Until 2014, Eva worked in Sant Joan de las Abadesses at butcher shop Eva and Sisters. S.L., founded in 2006, together with the self-service "Dia" from Sant Joan de las Abadesses.

When we opened the company, we talked about which products we would sold in it: products with highest quality and proximity. Eva's husband, Jordi, is engaged in livestock farming in our region where the production has always been very respectful with the environment. Ecologic products from our farm are beef, and pork. Due to this, in 2007, all the farms of the family made a step forward to offer even more quality in their products, and decided to register in CCPAE and certify the highest ecological quality.

After the period of conversion to organic livestock, the butchery was also registered in the CCPAE, becoming the first ecological butchery of region.

The butchery has a workroom where they make sausages with ecological meat, without additives, colorings, or preservatives, as they were made in the past, preserving the flavor of purest meat.

Currently we sell our products in our shop, street markets and ecological stores, consumer cooperatives and some restaurant from region.
Cold meats and sausages

Carnisseria i Xarcuteria el Pont
Carnisseria i Xarcuteria El Pont
c. Sant Roc, 5
Telèfon: 972130387
Carnisseria i Xarcuteria el Pont 1

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Carnisseria el Pont c. Sant Roc, 5 llangonisseta i embotits el Pont; poltre de muntanya, xai i cabrit Mas la Llastanosa, ous ca la Xica, vedella Pirinat, mel Setcases, formatges MUUU BEEE, Pujol Orra i Les Vaques d'en Mel 972130387 Camprodon

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Can Jordi c. Avall, 2. Espinavell poltre de muntanya, llangonisseta i embotits El Pont, cervesa artesana Minera, làctics Roura Soler i formatges MUUU BEEE, mel Setcases, trumfa de la Vall de Camprodon. 972741370 Molló
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Restaurant Els Castanyers pg. de la Muralla, 8 poltre de muntanya, llangonisseta i embotits el Pont 972741290 Camprodon
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